Dear visitor,

Ever since I was a kid I have been making sketches and drawings. Painting started when I inherited the field painting kit, containing some worn brushes and nearly squeezed-out oil color tubes, from my  granddad who was quite a respectable hobby-painter.

In my early period I alternated between water colour and oil painting, since the past ten years or so I only produce oil paintings. The medium gives me limitless possibilities to express myself. As I never received any training or education in painting I had to develop my skills in a purely autodidactic manner.

I exclusively paint on panel. Sometimes I cut away the panel in places sothat parts of the image extend beyond the picture.

This website serves to show a selection of my work, arranged in anti-chronological  sequence: when you scroll down the first picture represents my latest work. Click on an image to enlarge.

As you will see my style developed from purely realistic landscaping into what I call magical realism: a figurative representation of an event that in the real world is hardly possible or not possible at all. This gives me the means  and total freedom to express the products of my phantasy. It hopefully also triggers the imagination of the viewer.


Martin J. Veldhuis


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